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The Alt-lit scene is characterised by an interest in online publishing and publishing in all its forms though usually influenced in some way by internet culture. Alt-lit stands for Alternative Literature, a scene that emerged in New York, United States of America around 2014. Big names on the scene include people like Tao Lin, Sam Pink, Darcy Wilder and more recently self styled instafamous writers like Caroline Calloway. 

While New York might have at one point been the epicentre for the coronavirus pandemic takeover of the USA, it has in more recent months, enjoyed a relaxation and lifting of lockdown restrictions and social distancing measures. New York Time magazine even declared the return of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) on the front cover of its latest issue. 

For those of us unable to be seen dining out in Brooklyn or strolling in Central Park however, Instagram is – as usual – providing us virtual access to the lives of the cool and trendy. For those keen to keep their finger on the pulse when it comes to the re-emergence of the alt-lit scene in NYC, here are our choice of Instagram accounts to follow the revival of Alt-lit 2.0 on : 

  1. Taolincellectuals

Taolincellectuals in the fan account for original alt-lit author Tao Lin. Also noted for being the official Muumuu House marketing and communications account it’s a little hard to tell who is running the show, but plenty of memes come from the account to keep people interested. 

  1. writers_life_tips

Self acclaimed autistic genius and poet, writers life tips is a meme account with an iconic plain or stock photo background and simple text aesthetic. Half social commentary, half biography, the account pokes fun at the alt-lit movement as well as the author. 

  1. unbridled_id

    The account is run by Sierra Armor, who notes herself as being a cyberbully Superstar since 2001.
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