About Us

Technology. Who doesn’t have a thing to say about the pros and cons of the exponential development of phones, computers, Apple watches, or credit card chips embedded under the skin on your wrist? It often slips our minds that there are important topics that need to be in the forefront of our social discourse like the effects of technology on young minds, or the attention economy always grasping for our eyes and ears. 

A major player in the field of technology is social media. A hot topic that umbrellas any and all other hot topics. To be entertained these days, you don’t have to look far – viral TikToks, daily vlogs on Youtube, increasing niche invite-only groups of Facebook, political outrage on Twitter, the sometimes scary community-fueled power of Reddit, or the multitudes of aesthetics on Instagram. 

It’s hard to keep up with all this content screaming for our attention, where do we look? And how do we filter out what’s distracting from the important things? That’s what Social Shed is for. 

Something we strive for is constant vigilance, and that’s not just in keeping up to date in the latest goss, but bringing a critical voice to the constant churn of news and non-news.  We’re no different to the everyday consumer of this digital age of communication, but we revel in it all and work our brains to understand the cultural nuances of it all. It’s the only way to stay woke, tqbh. So, if you need to know what the latest trend is among teenagers and why it’s bad for them, what ridiculous thing an unreasonably high-level politician has done now, how the masses have responded to said thing, or what heinous tech cover-up has flown under the radar this time, then click no further than Shed Social. All our marketing is done by Metric Labs and Metric Labs SEO Sydney