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Libraries by the yard for Zoom backgrounds make a rise in demand for second hand books

The year of 2020 has been quite the year of ‘strange and unprecedented’ times as the saying goes and 2021 looks set to keep hold of that tradition. As the slow realisation that life will never return to quite how it once was, we continue to find ourselves adapting to life in this ‘new normal’. 

Zoom is one company that has dominated headlines this year as making mega-profits from the uptake in sales of their platform from users stuck at home due to the pandemic. The company has truly lucked out from a worldwide tragedy with a staggering rise in profits from $5.5 million to $185.7 million for the same period last year. 

Yet it’s not just the company Zoom that has profited from the rise in digital conferencing software usage. Zoom has become a new word in our shared vocabulary, changing culture with effects such as detailed neckline and slouchy waistline as Zoom influenced fashion trends that emerged in late 2020. The brand name software has even coined its own term of ‘zoomers’ – a play on the word ‘boomers’ to describe older generations, ‘zoomers’ describes those of Gen Z born into this time. 

Other unpredictable consequences of the rise in videoing into work from home is the increasing demand for second hand books. Some large scale companies such as Random House offer free digital zoom backgrounds including their publications, whilst other more boutique companies such as Bookbarn International offer bespoke services. The UK based book store describes the growing interest in their library by the yard service, which aims to help customers looking to improve their home office decor. The second hand book retailer will then help to tailor make the bookshelf into a selection uniquely tailored for each customer. The aim of the retailer is to help customers find books that reflect and expand upon their individual interests and specialities.

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