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We need a new definition for ‘hero’ in the dictionary

We live in a fatuous world. So fatuous, in fact, that “A young woman who edited the captions of her Instagram posts with her ex-boyfriends is being hailed as a hero online.” That’s from a story in Fox News. She is being hailed a hero. Hero. Merriam-Webster lists four definitions:

  1. a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability
  2. an illustrious warrior
  3. a person admired for achievements and noble qualities
  4. one who shows great courage

I’ll briefly expand on this Instagram captions story and then you can decide which of four definitions fits the person “being hailed as a hero.”

The person is a 22-year-old named Rosie. She’s a student from Singapore. And she “went viral” after updating the captions accompanying old photos of her and her then-boyfriends. In her words, she “decided to unarchive all the pictures I had with shitty guys because I look cute but updated the captions to be more accurate.”

One photo taken at the Philadelphia Museum of Art shows our Rosie being held up and kissed by a young man. When the photo was posted she wrote: “not a fan of valentine’s day but a huge fan of my valentine.” It has now been updated with the following edit: “he broke up with me the next day!”

In another photo, Rosie is standing next to a different young man, both of them smiling profusely. Here is what Rosie wrote: “like if you think I can do better.” And: “he broke up with me through Facebook Messenger so yes, I can do better.”

For her efforts Rosie got tens of thousands of likes and many supportive comments. Like this one:

“I truly appreciate this!! I don’t want to delete my IG photos of my exes bc they’re a part of my life, but I can EDIT them to show what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown. Thanks girl.”

Flashing her narcissism, Rosie followed up with a tweet that says: “This tweet isn’t about shaming any of the men pictured. This post is about me, how I moved on by acknowledging my experiences and pain, and knowing that I deserve better. & also that I look good in these pics.”

And also some platitudinous life advice: “Remember that healing is not always about forgiving and forgetting. However you choose to heal and move on know that you deserve the world.”

I deserve the world! You learn something new every day.

Anyway, Rosie says she’s not “shaming” any of her former boyfriends. Is that why she lumped them all into the “shitty guys” category and is now broadcasting the ways in which they broke it off with her sans context? If you’re continuously getting dumped, it might be time to look in the mirror, something she presumably enjoys doing. Also, if you’re viewing and presenting your own life through Instagram and other social media apps, doesn’t it make sense for your significant other to dump you via one of those apps? Live by the sword, die by the sword.