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Tinder making more changes to accommodate trans users

In 2016 Tinder announced a new feature: More Genders. The idea was the make Tinder a more inclusive digital bath house by allowing trans people to identify as such on the app. As the relevant press release stated:

“To edit or add more information about your gender on Tinder, simply edit your profile. When you tap “I Am” and select “More” you can type a word that describes your gender identity. You can also select to be shown in searches which best reflect your identity. All users have the option to display their gender on their profile, as well.”

Things apparently haven’t gone quite according to plan. In a recent blog post dated November 12, CEO Elie Seidman—who could use a lesson in punctuation—said the company is taking further steps to support transgender users.

“Today, you can add the term that best reflects your gender identity on Tinder by using our feature, More Genders,” Seidman wrote. “And while many successful matches have been made, and surely more minds opened, our trans members have been very vocal about: the banning of our transgender members, especially transgender women.”

See what I mean about the punctuation? What is that colon doing there? She uses it in a similarly odd fashion in the very next sentence: “When developing our More Genders feature: we decided not to give Tinder members the option to filter out profiles of trans people.”

But I digress. Elie says the More Genders feature “came with some very disappointing, unforeseen consequences. Trans people continue to be reported at higher rates by cisgender members simply for being who they are.”

Wait, dudes on a seedy hook-up app aren’t sensitive to the feelings of transgender people? You don’t say …

After questionable deployment of a semi-colon, Elie outlines how Tinder plans to address the issue going forward:

  • Leveraging our support channels to directly engage with the community more quickly
  • Redirecting these types of reports to our escalations team
  • Deploying new in-app warnings to provide more feedback about which guidelines people may be violating—rather than banning profiles

Fair enough. Transgender people deserve to have sordid one-night stands with strange people they meet on the internet, just like everyone else. God speed.